Facebook Ads for Fitness Businesses and PPC Campaign ROI


If you have just opened a brand new gym, or you started working as a fitness coach, you are probably looking to create a great marketing plan. The same goes for marketing experts and novices that are looking to help their clients get a higher return on investment (ROI) from their ads.

Even if you're someone who just saw too many Facebook ads and wants to learn more about them, and has no interest in fitness, this article will prove to be a valuable source of information.

We are going to explain just how the Facebook Ads work and why are they a perfect thing to do if you're looking to promote yourself or your business in the fitness industry.

Does Outdated Marketing Lead to Poor Profits?

The common thing that happens to both small startups and big companies is a failure due to paralysis. What this means is that businesses who fail to adapt to the pace of the modern era, just get outplayed by more flexible ones.

This usually happens due to owners or the marketing directors refusing to accept that the new age has come. Using conventional marketing strategies and practices that are still being taught in colleges all over the world isn't as effective anymore.

There is a lot of research on this topic, and all of them agree on one thing. Using web ads, targeted at specific audiences, paired with excellent search engine optimization (SEO) tactics will return ten to twenty times more of your investment, compared to using traditional marketing prospects, like TV or newspaper ads.

Why Are Facebook Ads Superior to Other Alternatives?

Those who are proficient in using online marketing already know how valuable Facebook Ads are. However, many surveys were taken, questioning only the owners of real-world businesses, and it's surprising that most of them don't believe Facebook marketing is worth investing in.

As of this moment, Facebook has somewhere around 1.5 billion users. That's the fifth of the whole world! Counting out the underdeveloped countries and far away places, you will most likely be able to reach 99% of your potential customers.

Here are some statistics that further reinforce this claim:

● 40% of customers who are browsing social media have bought merchandise after liking it on Facebook or Instagram

● 85% of customers agree to their purchasing being influenced by their friends liking or sharing products

● 76% of adults with accessible internet visit Facebook at least once per month

This is especially true for those who are looking to claim new clients for their fitness businesses. People who you have the highest chance of turning into your customers are more likely to be browsing Facebook than reading newspapers.

Establish Yourself on the Fitness Market Using Facebook Ads

Considering all the information we talked about in this article, it's not surprising at all that gyms who are using web marketing, specifically Facebook Ads are having way more revenue than those who are not utilizing this astounding platform.

The first thing you should do is make a page of your fitness business. You may opt not to do this, which means the Facebook advertisement will take the customer directly to your web page.

Secondly, you are going to use the laser-accurate Facebook targeting in order to precisely select the demographics that you want to be exposed to your ads.

We recommend researching the demographics of the area in close vicinity to your gym. More often than not, people pick a gym that is close to their home. For example, you can choose only women or only men if your gym is gender exclusive. If your business is located close to high schools or colleges, you should target younger people. Many high school and college students prefer having their workout sessions after the classes end.

The same process is recommended to fitness coaches that are looking to brand themselves. Facebook is a great platform to do your advertising on, but people looking to promote a service they are personally offering are statistically making more revenue promoting through Instagram. If you have the budget, the best thing to do would be using both. However, if you can pick only one platform, we would advise you to choose Instagram.