How Important Is Lead Conversion in the Fitness Industry?


Creating leads is one of the most essential things to do in all known sales and marketing methods. It doesn't matter whether you're leading a martial arts studio, a gym, or you are promoting yourself as a fitness coach, you must include this crucial component in your advertising process. Doing this is guaranteed to make your business grow faster and achieve new levels of success.

So how important is a lead conversion in the fitness industry?

In this article, we will discuss what lead generation and conversion are, how you can utilize them and why it’s so necessary for the modern fitness industry

What is Lead Conversion?

Using lead generation, you will collect a series of names and other contact info from potential customers. This is done through your landing page.

Lead conversion is the next step in this process. It means converting a lead into an account, contact, and/or opportunity. Leads are most commonly generated from different marketing events, such as mailing campaigns or webinars. Also, if your digital marketing campaign is good, people will leave their information on your landing page.

Once enough knowledge is collected about a lead to qualify that lead as a possible chance, this can be automatically turned to a contact.

Shortly, lead conversion is about getting new customers by collecting as much personal information on them as possible. Of course, it's important to remember that they need to give you this information willingly. Accumulating personal info on someone without their consent is illegal.

How to Convert Leads?

There are numerous ways to convert leads, many of which you’re presumably applying right now if you have a marketing campaign. Digital advertisements will rarely make someone go to direct purchase. However, they will drive them to your landing page and here is where you make the magic happen.

In this section, we will show you some of the best ways you can convert your leads into sales, especially useful for the fitness industry.

1. Offer Value for Free

Everyone loves getting stuff for free. Giving away a free brochure or an eBook via your website is a great way to start creating a relationship between you and your customers. It's a proven thing that businesses have more revenue from customers who they have a connection with.

We recommend giving a free workout at the gym if they leave their email address for you. Gifting your potential trainees with a free training program eBook is a great trick. This eBook would contain workouts that need to be done in a gym. If they like the program, they are most likely going to visit your gym for further instructions.

2. Ask Questions and Communicate With Your Leads

Get into your potential customers' heads. Think about the questions and answers that they need to be served on a platter to start spending money at your business.

Ask them whether they would like looking fit as a professional athlete. Ask them do they have any health concerns that would be taken care off by doing regular exercise. Ask them if they would love having a personal coach that would motivate them and have them go through with their plans both in the gym and outdoors.

These are all great questions, and they will motivate your leads to convert into customers that have a strong relationship with your fitness business.

3. Use Time Constraints as Motivators

You can establish a deadline that will both remove unresponsive leads from your funnel, and also turn some of the quiet ones into direct sales.

Sending an email that says “We haven't heard from you in a month, this is our last communication. Even though you won't hear from us anymore, please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any feedback or questions.” Doing this will cause a reaction very often, and if not, it will save energy and time for your sales team so they could concentrate on fresh leads with more sales potential.

Also, you could offer specialized treatment for the first ten or so customers that visit your gym from your landing page. This offer can be modified in many ways. For example, you could give a 50% discount for the first month, in case they register via your website and visit your gym within the next 24 hours.

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