The Increasing Allure of Boutique Fitness


The way we work out is continuously changing as the years go on. What used to be popular within the fitness industry is no longer as appealing today. We have one of the most prominent generations to thank for this. Millennials are rocking the fitness world by their increasing support of boutique fitness studios. Thanks to this generation, there are a vast amount of changes being made to the way we work out. At home workouts and expensive yearly gym memberships are rapidly being replaced by sot after boutique fitness studios. The fitness world is evolving, and with the help of millennials, they are making the idea of “working out” a much more fun concept that is becoming mainstream.

What exactly are boutique fitness studios?

You may find yourself wondering what exactly are boutique fitness studios? Most people are surprised to see that a lot of the businesses they pass by daily are considered “boutique fitness studios.” Barre studios and even CrossFit gyms are considered a type of boutique fitness studio because they are offering their members a unique workout experience specific to their studio. These “boutiques” offer these very specializes workout services in a more intimate setting with smaller class sizes and an atmosphere tailored to be unique for each studio.

A unique take on fitness

It is no secret that boutique fitness studios offer us something different outside of the normal gym realm. They give us a unique experience that wouldn’t be possible inside your everyday gym and this is why they are becoming more popular. This leaves us to wonder what about these boutique fitness studios genuinely make them different from your standard gym?

One of the most significant ways boutique fitness studios offer a unique take on fitness is by their intimate, small class sizes. Each studio has a select number of members allowed for each class. As we know, most of your regular gyms come with an extensive membership pool making working hard sometimes due to the lack of equipment available or room to accomplish the workout you want to achieve that day. Boutique fitness studios take that hassle out of working out by limiting how many members can sign up for each class. This kind of intimate setting can be seen as more appealing for most individuals who feel intimidated by the large crowds customarily associated with a standard gym. This is one of the biggest reasons that boutique fitness studios are popping up more frequently due to the intimate element they bring to the fitness world.

Another aspect of small class sizes that is appealing are the opportunities to have more one-on-one experiences with other members. Large gyms make it hard to have interactions with members due to such high attendance rates. Boutique fitness studios, with their small class sizes, make it easier to feel comfortable interacting with other members since there are not as many. One of the things millennials appreciate when it comes to working out is having a “fitness tribe,” and this can be seen as a common occurrence within each boutique fitness studio. Each studio has a specific following, and those who wish to join can fall into the “fitness tribe” associated with that specific studio. This can be seen a lot with CrossFit gyms or spin cycle studios. These boutique fitness studios give their members the opportunity to come together as one and work towards the same goal together as opposed to going into a standard gym where everyone is just doing their own thing.

Boutique fitness studios also make it easier to interact with the class instructors. Smaller class sizes allow the instructors the opportunity to take time out of each class to devote to each person present to ensure they are getting everything they need out of the workout for that class session. This also allows individuals the opportunity for a more personalized workout experience as some may be on a different fitness level from another person in the class. The small class allows the instructor the ability to spend time with each person which helps them ensure they are doing everything correctly based on their specific level of fitness.

It’s all in the atmosphere

When you think about fitness, you don’t typically think about the overall atmosphere in which you are working out in. Unique atmospheres are just another way that boutique fitness studios are sweeping the fitness world away. Each studio has its own “atmosphere” that further enhances the member’s workout experience. When we talk about gym atmosphere, we usually associate it with your standard gym that is typically located within a large building, sometimes industrial in size, crammed full of fitness equipment that has been placed within a few inches of the another. For most fitness enthusiasts, this type of atmosphere isn’t really ideal when you want to get a workout in. Boutique fitness studios, on the other hand, offer a fresh atmosphere to help get the most out of your workout. Depending on which studio you are visiting, you can expect to find a unique atmosphere that is tailored to the specific workout you will be doing that day. For those individuals who attend a yoga studio, they can expect to encounter a dimly lit room that uses natural lighting, the smell of essential oils, a typically warmer temperature, and yoga mats. For those individuals who are visiting a barre studio, they can expect to find a naturally lit room with bright colors and bars available. Depending on where you are going, the atmosphere will be made to match the mood which helps to give you a genuine, authentic experience within that boutique fitness studio.

The future is boutique

No matter what type of working out you are into, or what your level of physical fitness is, you can generally find a boutique fitness studio that is tailored toward your specific needs and wants. These boutiques are popping up more frequently with no end in sight to how unique and authentic they can make your workout experience.